DOUGLASS MOTORS is proud to be part of the Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Repair Alliance (HEVRA) and can be found on the HEVRA website

Servicing works differently for hybrid vehicles – unlike their petrol and diesel counterparts, hybrid vehicles require special diagnostic technology. At DOUGLASS MOTORS , our technicians have received specialised hybrid vehicles training, meaning we are able to offer a reliable, proficient and professional service for your hybrid car.

Our hybrid car servicing helps to ensure that your vehicle is safe, performing optimally, and serviced correctly against the vehicle manufacturer specifications.

Just like petrol or diesel cars, your electric car needs a routine service to stay in the best possible condition, but thankfully they’re generally a lot easier to maintain. That’s because electric vehicles are made up of fewer components than petrol or diesel vehicles – they don’t need spark plugs, exhausts, or fuel systems.

Electric cars are made up of three main components; the electric motor, an on-board charger, and an inverter, so there’s less to go wrong. Still, there are plenty of areas that will need to be checked over in order to work at their best, from your battery and brakes to your filters and fluids, so a regular service should be a key part of your electric car maintenance.


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