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ETA Summer 2021

Adding to our existing comprehensive range of Outback Solutions Roller Drawers is the latest fully on-board, integrated and perfectly practical ARB Slide Kitchen, complete with sink! While contained within an ARB modular drawer frame, the Slide Kitchen is not just a drawer, but a complete, stainless steel, slide-out kitchen with bench space, a Thetford three-burner cooktop, kitchen sink and its very own utensils drawer.

The ARB Slide Kitchen has been designed specifically to be integrated with existing ARB drawer installations. The new modular unit is built to the same dimensions of our existing full height 1355mm deep (typically used in a dual cab pickup) modular drawer profile, and due to the length required is only available in this size. The Slide Kitchen slots right in and can be accompanied by any of ARB’s roller (RF), mid-height (RFH) or full height drawers (RD/RDRF), and then finished off neatly with our existing range of vehicle-specific side panels. It can also be installed independent of any other drawers as a standalone unit for use in custom builds such as wagons, vans, camping canopies, service bodies and camper trailers. The three-burner stove is designed and manufactured in England by the reputable appliance manufacturer Thetford. The burners are housed & protected by a toughened glass lid (which doubles as a splashback) within a sunken stainless-steel dish, providing its own level of wind protection and easy clean-up. The stove is suitable for pans or pots up to 22cm for the larger rapid burner and up to 11cm for the two smaller burners. For added safety, the gas automatically turns off if the burners go out or when the lid is shut. Gas is delivered via a quick-connect bayonet gas connector, which can only be connected after set-up and has to be disconnected to store, further improving the safety of this device as a whole. The stoves are all 100% tested to strict quality control to ensure its ultimate safety before leaving the plant in England.



  • Suitable to fit with any RD/RFH/RF & RDRF 1355 Drawers. Integrates as a normal drawer would
  • Fits with current vehicle specific side floor kits, with current carpet matching for a seamless fit
  • Follows familiar installation instructions as a 1355 drawer would install by
  • Engineered alloy extruded over extension runners, without need for a supporting leg
  • Red highlighted user interaction points as shown below, quick 15 second setup
  • Lock/lock out functions similar to current ARB drawers
  • 304 stainless steel kitchen grade bench top 485mm wide x 1250mm long
  • Thetford Stove – Argent 3 burner MK3 stove; Made in England & AGA approved, 20kg loading•2 x 1.75kw & 1 x 2.5kw Rapid Burner, suitable for 22cm pans/pots for large burner and 11cm for smaller burners, 20,472 BTU total burners
  • Quick connect, AGA approved & sourced POL hose, 1.2m with approved regulator
  • Safety features: flame out technology & lid close gas shutoff
  • Electronic ignition & securely mounted burners for travelling
  • Easy clean stainless surfaces all matching throughout
  • 12L collapsible silicone sink with plug. Includes dish drying base – rated to up to 90 Celsius
  • Sink platform is preloaded to handle up to 15kg of weight
  • Main stainless surface can hold a maximum weight of 30kgs evenly spread across the top
  • Internal drawer dimension 345x450x145mm – fits sink, hose and cutlery holder plus more

Accessing the kitchen is no different to opening any ARB drawer; you simply pull the mechanical latch and roll the1,250-millimetre stainless steel bench out. Once fully extended, the bench locks into place and you can operate the kitchen as a simple bench top with drawer or you can release the swing-away stove and sink by lifting the red locking tab. The ARB Slide Kitchen is manufactured and assembled in-house by ARB to ARB’s strict quality control standards. ARB source the drawer cabinet with ARB’s engineered runners from our existing drawer manufacturer. ARB manufacture the unique swing out kitchen module, and assemble the entire unit in house.


  • RDK1355 - Exterior dimensions -1355 x 500 x 310mm (H) (53.3x19.6x12”)
  • RDK1355 - Interior dimensions – 1250 x 485 x 190mm (H)
  • RDK1355 - Stainless top dimensions – 1250 x 485mm - Holds 30kg weight evenly spread
  • RDK1355 - Internal small drawer dimensions – 450 x 345 x 145mm (H)
  • RDK1355DR - Optional replacement drawer - 1210 x 445 x 145mm 100kg rating
  • 89kg (196lbs)

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