Land Rover Defender 200/300TDi Bulkhead
Land Rover Defender 200/300TDi Bulkhead

Shielder Chassis

Land Rover Defender 200/300TDi Bulkhead

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Long has been the struggle with Rotten bulkheads being repaired and then attempting to be galvanised to end up with a warped piece of rubbish.

Shielder Chassis are delighted to be the first UK company to offer new steel galvanised Defender bulkheads to the Land Rover restoration market.

Shielder Chassis bulkheads are fabricated from new 1.6mm mild steel and galvanised after manufacture. Great care has been taken to match every pressing curve and contour to leave the finished Bulkhead with minimal remedial work to be done prior to painting. Each bulkhead comes complete with seam sealer applied to joints.

There is a bracket on the tunnel that is used on a 300TDi, and when fitting to a 200TDi the bracket is simply ignored.

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