L8D Electric Scooter - Black Pre Order
L8D Electric Scooter - Black Pre Order
L8D Electric Scooter - Black Pre Order
L8D Electric Scooter - Black Pre Order
L8D Electric Scooter - Black Pre Order
L8D Electric Scooter - Black Pre Order
L8D Electric Scooter - Black Pre Order
L8D Electric Scooter - Black Pre Order

L8D Electric Scooter - Black

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Inmotion L8D Electric Scooter

  • Maximum speed: 17 mph
  • Maximum range: 18.6 miles / 30km
  • Customizable colour front lights and rear brake lights
  • Electronic front brake and physical rear brake for efficient braking
  • Motor-level suspension and shock absorption
  • Dedicated smartphone App connected via Bluetooth
  • Emergency manual shutdown

*Actual range may vary depending on riding conditions

The Inmotion L8D Electric Scooter is a stunning scooter with a brilliant spec. It inherits all the great features from its bigger brother, the L8F, the only difference being a lower power battery for those who don't need to travel as far between charges.

Inmotion have taken the time to not only design the L8D to look good visually but they have done this with no compromise to quality, the L8D is very safe, sturdy and durable.

Taillights are installed on both sides of the rear wheel to let anyone behind you know that you are slowing down. Front headlights on the handlebar ensure a safe journey in the dark. These front lights also have a huge variety of colour combinations for you to play around with via the dedicated smartphone App.

The L8D's folding design makes the scooter much easier to carry and fit in small spaces. Inmotion have ensured the folding procedure and design is as convenient as possible with the handles also folding inwards to greatly reduce the max width of the scooter.

A simple slide switch mode means you no longer have to worry about turning the scooter on or off every use. Now all you need to do it step on the scooter and give it the initial push and the scooter will automatically turn on and enable you to accelerate, off into your journey.

This product includes a premium return to base warranty. If you discover a technical fault within the warranty period, please contact support@rcggroup.co.uk

Please note that this scooter is not to be used on public highways, only on private property with the owner's consent.

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