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Defender Turbo Diesel & 2.5 Naturally Aspirated

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  • Defender - Turbo Diesel
  • Defender - 2.5 Naturally Aspirated

Servicing a Land Rover just got a whole lot easier with Douglass Motors!

Ever started servicing a Land Rover and then suddenly realised you haven't ordered a filter or forgot the sump plug washer?

Well now thanks to Douglass Motors with one simple part number you can order your Land Rover kit safe in the knowledge that all the parts you need will be there for you to complete the job. No more half-finished services!

Our service kits contain quality products which are -
> Manufactured to O.E. specification
> Competitively priced
> Available from stock

Kit contains -
1 x Oil filter
1 x Air filter
1 x Fuel filter
1 x Sump plug washer