Arb Tyre Pressure Monitor System 4 Sensor Pack (External) - 819104 Tpms

Tyre Pressure Monitor System 4 Sensor Pack (External)

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When it came to designing a new tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) it was imperative that ARB developed a system that worked both on-and off-road. The Series II TPMS not only suits both driving styles but also works with four-wheel drive vehicles and trailers.

The ARB TPMS Series II offers two profiles for the user, on-road mode for general driving and off-road mode used to monitor up to 5 tires. Additionally, the new ARB TPMS Series II system comes in either an external-sensor or internal-sensor application.

Trailer-tire monitoring can be achieved by adding the optional trailer repeater to the system which provides support to monitor up to 4 extra tires (9 tires in total). This addition allows you to monitor the tire pressure for your trailer and vehicle at once.

The off-road mode is achieved by pressing the set button twice. This changes the pre-set profiles and causes a faster response on the display to any change in tire pressures. To alert the user, the screen will change to an amber colour when in off-road mode.

For example, in the on-road setting, the user has set the tire pressure to 36psi per axle, if the user drives off-road they can have their tire pressure pre-set to a different psi. This means as soon as they’re ready to go off-road, they drop the tires to the pre-set psi and change the ARB TPMS to off-road mode with two simple button clicks.

The tire-pressure alarm is now per axle, which provides more flexibility to the user when setting up their system. For example, you can run a heavier load in the back and have a higher setting than the front axle. All pressures can easily be programmed in via the user-friendly display.

Monitoring is now available for up to 9 tires on the new ARB TPMS Series II system. 5 tires* can be monitored using the TPMS display and sensor kits (4 tires on your vehicle and one spare*). Plus, an additional 4 tires* can be displayed when using the optional trailer-repeater kit. The trailer repeater module provides up to 98 feet of clear line-of-sight communication and is powered either by two AA batteries, providing up to 540 hours of use, or by the optional power kit providing 12v power from the vehicle. When the vehicle is turned on, the TPMS unit will check if the trailer is within range and will automatically connect to the trailer kit without any user input. If the trailer is out of range, it will only monitor the vehicle and spare tire*. (*Additional sensors may be required depending on your configuration).

If you only have a trailer, you can bypass monitoring the vehicle’s tires that do not have sensors and solely monitor the trailer’s tires with the optional trailer repeater kit. This feature is for vehicles that have TPMS installed from the manufacturer.

During highway driving, pressures can alter by up to 4psi. In the cold, pressures can drop by up to 4psi. Alert thresholds are +/- 25% of the set pressure that is set into the display to reduce false warnings. For example, if you have 38psi set per axle, then 28.5psi will be the bottom of the threshold for an alarm to sound, and an over-pressure alert will be activated at 47.5psi.

The TPMS display easily plugs into a vehicle cigarette socket and comes with two 2.1A USB outputs. A LINX accessory interface module is in development and will be released at a later date. This will allow users to monitor their tire pressure through their LINX interface.

Features - External Sensors:

  • Requires ARB TPMS display monitor (ARB819105) or trailer repeater (ARB819108)
  • Alerts when pressure varies more than +/-25% of set psi
  • User-adjustable alert threshold on-road (adjustable range: 23-80 psi/1.5-5.5 bar)
  • User-adjustable alert threshold off-road (adjustable range: 5-30 psi/0.3-2.0 bar)
  • Selectable pressure and temperature measuring units (psi/bar/˚F)
  • Tire-leakage alarm (audible and visual)
  • Low-pressure alarm (audible and visual)
  • High-temperature alarm (audible and visual)
  • High-pressure alarm (audible and visual)
  • DIY installation
  • Pressure monitoring range: 5-99psi/0.3 - 6.82 bar
  • Low-battery voltage alarm (audible and visual)
  • Operating frequency: 433MHz +/-0.75MHz
  • Operating temperature: -40°F to +176°F
  • Battery life: up to 2 years (replaceable)
  • Sensor weight: 0.02lbs
  • Rated to IP69

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