ARB Awning Bracket with Gusset - 813402

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For additional strength for off-road use or under extreme conditions.

Awning bracket is designed with welded gussets to provide additional strength when awnings are mounted to roof bars on vehicles used off-road or under extreme conditions. Zinc plated and powder coated for corrosion resistance and designed to mount either upright or inverted. Bracket is 50mm wide. Pre-drilled to accept 8mm bolts, at least 2, but preferably 3 bolts should be used to mount to the roof bar for maximum strength. The outer bolt hole between the gussets must always be used for the gusset to be effective. Three slotted 6mm holes are provided to mount the awning.

We recommend to use 2 for small awnings, and 3 or more for awnings over 2m long.

Available in the UK only.