ARB Air Locker Differential Spreader - 0770003

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The ARB Differential Housing Spreader Kit is an imperative tool that will really come in handy when servicing or installing a differential. Most common Salisbury style axle assemblies require the use of a differential spreader in order to achieve proper carrier bearing pre-load during the setup. Stretching the housing casting open with proper force allows for extra shims to be added to create the pre-load is the method that OEM manufacturers endorse, as most manufacturers have included special spreader sockets in the housing for this purpose. 

With insufficient pre-load, you risk bearing failure, or ring and pinion failure on any differential. You could also cause oil, or air leaking issues in the differential. Because of these elements, the ARB Differential Housing Spreader Kit will allow the housing to be stretched in a safe and controllable manner which will reduce the risk of causing permanent damage to the housing. 

The ARB Differential Housing Spreader Kit also comes pre-drilled with hole patterns that suit most of the commonly available axle types. It is also suited to pre-loading shim adjusted banjo style axle assemblies. This kit will come in a durable carrying case with a powder-coated parts tray which allows for easy transport and storage.