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ARB Air Locker Adjuster Nut Pliers - 0770002


ARB Air Locker Adjuster Nut Pliers - 0770002

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The ARB Differential Adjuster Nut Pliers has been designed to assist when installing pre-loaded differential assembly components. Correct pre-loading of an adjuster nut type differential is a very important, yet mishandled part of the installation and service of the differential. Incorrect carrier bearing pre-load will result in premature bearing failure, ring and pinion failure, and potential oil and air leaking issues in an Air Locker Differential. 

This particular set of pliers have been specially designed by ARB to easily and safely accommodate the full ARB Air Locker Range of adjuster nuts. However, this tool can be used on most adjuster nuts regardless of size, shape, and bearing cap type. 

Other than the one-size-fits-all design, the ARB Differential Adjuster Nut Pliers will allow the axle to be pre-loaded without the same level of risk of adjuster nut and bearing journal damage associated with most other methods of tightening. These pliers also provide an exceptional feel to the pre-loading process so that the correct pre-load amounts can be achieved. The handles feature rubber molded grips for a comfortable feel, and a spring energized return-to-closed action allows for a one-handed operation.

Chromoly tool steel jaws, as well as Grade 8 fasteners will be included.