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70% Alcohol Hand Sanitising Spray

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The Power Maxed Alcohol Hand Spray is a hand sanitiser that protects against bacteria and viruses.

Containing 70% Alcohol, kills 99.9% of all bacteria. Fitted with an atomizer in a 100ml bottle, it is suitable and handy to keep in the home, your car, workplace, or in your bag!

Key Features:

  • 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Spray
  • Proven to be quick and effective at killing 99.9% of all Bacteria
  • No water required, uses a pump atomizer, no sticky residue!
  • Made in England

Also available in a larger 500ml bottle, or a 5L Refill.

The 5L refill can be used to fill 10 large bottles, or 50 pocket-sized bottles, and offers a saving of upto £159!